Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling& uses a client-centred approach that focuses on individual’s strengths and starts with how you want to be in the world, rather than focussing on what you want to be. Once people have an understanding of how they want to be in the world, the what can start to come in to focus.

In today’s diagnosis, problem-focused, problem-solving world, individuals can become lost and lose track of their values and direction. Counselling& aims to put individuals and families at the centre, and start with your values and strengths.


Counselling sessions are charged as per the NDIS price guide.

Cancellation Policy: I appreciate that at times you may find it necessary to cancel your appointment. In order to re-allocate an appointment I require a full 48 hours notice of your intention to cancel. Failure to do so will result in you being charged as per NDIS guidelines.

Ready to get started?

What keeps you from getting started?
What’s holding you back from your next big adventure or the change you have been wanting?
Do you have a feeling of not being good enough?
A fear of being criticized by others?

“Imperfect action beats non-action every time.” – President Harry Truman. So if you are ready then I am too.

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