Counselling and NDIS Form

What you share with your counsellor is confidential and private. No information regarding you will be shared, either verbally or in written form, with anyone, except as allowed by the agreement below… To enhance my counselling skills, for professional development and for accountability purposes, I take part in regular supervision with qualified and experienced supervisors. The law is clear about certain behaviours, which are to be reported, if information is shared with the counsellor. This information includes suspicions of child abuse, and the risk of harm to self and/or others. As your counsellor, I will conform to these requirements of the law.

Ready to get started?

What keeps you from getting started?
What’s holding you back from your next big adventure or the change you have been wanting?
Do you have a feeling of not being good enough?
A fear of being criticized by others?

“Imperfect action beats non-action every time.” – President Harry Truman. So if you are ready then I am too.

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